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I hope this blog proves useful to your and am very aware of the irony if it doesn’t!

Blog writing is a skill that virtually anybody can develop. Once honed, blogs are a

great way of driving traffic to your website through social media, positioning your

company as experts in your field and communicating your key messages.

The first thing to remember is that blogs can be fun. You aren’t creating a press

release, white paper or feature response. Not only does this give you creative license

with how you write but also what you write about. People don’t want a constant feed

of the latest in kitchen technology but, if you’re in the food industry then they might

be interested in the latest cereal restaurant in Shoreditch.

Another aspect to blog writing is promotion. A blog can be perfectly written; amusing

and unique but, the fact is, none of this counts for anything if it’s just sat on your

website with no hits. Bitly is a great tool for compressing these URLs and then

sending out the links via Twitter. This has two benefits; a lively social media feed

and, hopefully, increased website traffic!

The final consideration is length. People aren’t looking to scroll for ages through

endless information. Something fairly short, not more than 500 words, informative

and entertaining is all that’s needed. Remember, it’s as much about getting people’s

interest for your website in its entirety as it is for divulging information.

With that final point in mind, we’ll conclude things there! Hopefully this has been

helpful and we look forward to some light entertainment on each of your websites in

the weeks to come!