What Could've Been - Fibre PR

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A recent article on PR executives asked what they would have done, had they not entered the world of PR. Answers ranging from politician to rock star got us wondering what jobs (or placements for Joe) could have been if not for PR.

What job would you have wanted to have and why?

Diane – I am fascinated by people (possibly why I entered PR) and what makes people tick. If I had studied psychology I’d have had a role helping people fulfil their potential. I’m pretty analytical and love researching, possibly my science background kicking in! I would have loved a job travelling to remote and beautiful locations. I always think David Attenborough’s work must be fascinating, so if I’d followed my scientific leanings and love of nature possibly a zoologist.

Joe – Were it not for university I would have stayed working in retail as I did before I went, I still do it part-time and think I’d still enjoy it as a full-time job. I’m pretty good at striking conversation with people and helping them change their view on something to secure sales, so this would have been a completely viable option for me.

Matt – It would be between a charity worker and a fireman. I want to say professional footballer; unfortunately anyone who’s seen me on the pitch know how ridiculous a dream that is!
Working in the Fire Service seemed to cover all bases. I’m pretty active; I love sports, gym and anything that gets me moving so in a job that would be amazing! More importantly, the potential to save lives daily is something not many people can do. I can only imagine the pride and fulfilment experienced by firefighters and anybody with a daily impact on others’ wellbeing.
Similarly, an international charity worker follows that nature. What appealed is its allowance for travel; how fantastic is experiencing a whole spectrum of worlds and cultures, while simultaneously having a positive impact on others’ lives and the world?!

Had you followed that goal and not entered into PR, where do you see yourself being now?

Diane – I would be an established zoologist touring the world, the female David Attenborough I guess! I would want to be at the heart of discoveries in nature, heading up research and getting into the thick of it. Having a claim to being among the team who discovered a new species that the world didn’t know existed would give me an immense feeling of satisfaction in my work.

Matt – As a (guilty pleasure) fan of the film Sliding Doors, I love this question! Had I become an international charity worker, I would be in some far flung village out in Africa.
Unfortunately neither this nor firefighting fits well with a social life; long hours and geographical uncertainty make retaining membership of a sports team, or keeping regular contact with a social circle difficult. Perhaps I would meet numerous people but be unable to build strong relationships due to my inconsistent availability. Maybe I would be less materialistic, with philanthropy, health and wellbeing replacing hockey, holidays and (the occasional) late-night beverage.
I find great value in enjoying work and whilst I would enjoy aspects of these jobs, would I enjoy the work itself? Who knows; what I do know is that I love PR, so it looks like I made the right choice!

Joe – I like to think that I would be moving up the retail management ladder. Since being at uni I’ve become quite driven in what I do work-wise and I would like to think that had I started working full-time at 18 instead, I would have developed the same driven nature.

There you have it; in another life the magic that Fibre performs may not have existed! Although they do say “never say never” – watch this space!