Healthcare & Fitness PR

We work with a range of businesses in the health sector from fitness to medical. Our scientific background gives us an edge and means that we are able to hit the ground running.

We have organised a celebrity launch of a yoga studio attended by the media and last year a bootcamp.  Such is our commitment that we even attended 6 days of military based training in the pouring Devon rain to really understand what was involved and came back energised, brimming with ideas, and considerably thinner.

We are proud of our track record writing winning Business Awards applications year on year for our dental practice and skin clinic clients.

Working in an industry you love can make the whole process more rewarding for both parties and here at Fibre, we have a genuine passion for the Health and Fitness sector. Keen sports players and gym fanatics with an invested interest in nutrition and wellbeing, we are lucky enough to work with an existing portfolio of fitness clients from the high profile corporate businesses to SMEs.

We recently organised the launch of a yoga studio attended by the media as well as a boot camp which, of course, we attended ourselves! While it is true that we enjoy this element of our work, this hands on approach also allows us to fully understand the business that we are servicing. This, in turn, will mean that we can provide extensive, engaging copy for press releases and features and helps us to sell in to the media convincingly. Avid readers of many of the UK’s best known sports magazines, we are familiar with many of the publications our clients will be keen to be seen in. However, our conscientious, comprehensive and concise approach has also meant we have unearthed some lesser known gems of publications with a more niche readership. The appeal of this kind of platform is an increased chance of coverage as well as the added benefit of knowing whatever coverage is achieved, is being directed at a far more targeted audience.

Aside from personal trainers and sports supplement brands, we have dental care and skin clinic clients who all fall into the wellbeing sector. We are extremely proud to have written Business Awards applications for these year on year, achieving consistent winning results.

We have a vast wealth of experience working across a multitude of wellbeing clients, however niche they may be and, if we do come across that rare corner of the market that we haven’t worked with; we always welcome the chance to throw ourselves into a new challenge.


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