National Days: Making the most of them - Fibre PR

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Doughn’t be surprised by a few cheap puns in this blog. And you needn’t be afraid of using a few yourself either.
National days like Shrove Tuesday are a fantastic opportunity to create some quick, easy and, admittedly, cheap PR material. The emergence of social media as a means of advertising and interacting over the last decade has meant that there is no batter (sorry!) way to join in the world’s largest discussion than by piggybacking onto the day’s trending hashtags.
A quick blog, tweet or post to Instagram are cost and time effective. They can be easily adapted to relate to Valentine’s Day, Shrove Tuesday, Easter Sunday or any other day you may have your eye on.
If you have time, you can always plan a more structured mini campaign or event that will relate to the your targeted day. Sometimes this can relate to more niche opportunities that are a closer fit with your industry or sector. For example, every October, we will organise an event for Older People’s day on behalf of our client Nightingales who dedicate themselves to care of the elderly.
So get festive, get romantic, get cooking! These days are fun, so whatever you do, as long as it is intended in the right spirit it will be well received. Embrace the puns, the fancy dress and the silly captions; national days are a PR dream so get involve; it’s flipping fun!