At the end of my work experience; converted to PR? - Fibre PR

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I am coming to the end of my time with Fibre and can safely say that the last two weeks have given me a new found certainty in my career planning – as well as a degree result! My first week saw me writing blog posts and articles from the word go. My writing being approved by the Fibre team has given me a new found confidence in it. I am definitely going to be starting up a blog of my own in light of this and even if this was all I took away from the experience I cannot thank Diane and Matt enough for the confidence that they have brought out in me, both on and off of the laptop! Thankfully, it is not the only thing that I am taking away from this work experience, I have also found an industry that I know I will enjoy working in and hope I will do quite well in! I’ve seen the wide array of tasks that this type of work involves, attending photo shoots, charity events and meetings to name a few. The variation in the type of work, as well as the amount of tasks all going on at once has meant that my experience with Fibre has not had a single dull moment in it.

So, I must now complete this update by answering the question put to me at the beginning of last week – what do I think that PR is? When I began this placement, I had a fairly simply outlook on what PR work involved and I can now see that it is so much more complicated than I initially thought. It is indeed a management of relations, but expands to nearly every type of relationship that a business can have and can be of significant help at any point in a business’ story. It can cover the establishment of a business not just with an audience, but the RIGHT audience. Furthermore, PR means that these businesses get the right message to these right audiences. PR work also helps businesses communicate correctly internally, as well as externally with the media and other businesses. This ensures that their message or service is heard and understood by the right people via the right channels. Correctly using media outlets and managing a business’ image is no easy task, and this has been made clear by the tireless work that Fibre puts into establishing and maintaining their clients’ images.

With this newfound knowledge of an industry I have been privileged to experience, I must now return to paying off student overdrafts and begin my Masters degree in September. Thank you to Diane and Matt for a brilliant experience, I doubt it will be my last in the world of PR. Let’s hope my next one follows the high bar that the Fibre team has set!